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Yummy Water Zinger/ Lemon Cup/ Juice Easy/ Water Infuser/ Green

Yummy Water Zinger/ Lemon Cup/ Juice Easy/ Water Infuser/ Green
Fruit Infused Ice Spheres Fruit Flavored Ice Balls



Physicians, fitness trainers and nutritionist agree on the importance of increasing your water intake!

Enjoy the Yummy Water Citrus Zinger to Hydrate and Alkalize

- Enhance water by infusing fresh, healthy ingredients.

- Easy to use and clean – dishwasher-safe.

- High quality BPA and EA free materials

Increase Water Intake with Yummy Infused Water

Perfect for anyone wanting to increase their water intake, to alkalize their system and to improve their overall health. Refreshing and all natural, the Yummy Water Citrus Zinger infuses the flavor of any fruit directly into your bottle. Eliminate the cost or calories of commercial drinks!

Yummy Water Citrus Zinger is a 27-ounce water bottle which includes everything you need to create zesty custom water. Just add small fruit and/or herbs! (Your purchase includes BONUS recipes to get you started!)

Unscrew the bottom cup and press in a small citrus half and desired additions. To ensure a tight seal, do not overfill. Screw the cup back on (while the bottom is off you may add ice). Add water through the top cap opening. Shake and enjoy! Each Zing produces 1-2 servings, more than enough to refresh you at yoga class, the office or around town.

Increase Your Water Intake with the Yummy Water Citrus Zinger! Dozens of Infuser Recipes included

- Eco-Friendly! Reusable! 100% Recyclable

- Wide mouth for addition of ice or extra ingredients

- Removable dishwasher-safe bottle for easy cleaning

Click the Buy Button to Receive the Benefits of Drinking More Water and Your Infuser Recipes Now!

Fruit Infused Ice Spheres   Fruit Flavored Ice Balls

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